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Wakanda forever 1976 2020

I’ve done the research. You’ve only swallowed media lies and propaganda. That’s the difference. You don’t even know what cognitive dissonance is, you’re just repeating a phrase that you think makes you sound smart. facts can’t be racist. You accusing me of being racist is ignorant. I know some black folks that would slap the taste out of someone’s mouth for calling me a racist. Cause they actually know me. Tim McCormick, you definitely haven't studied if you didn't find racism in the system or in the hearts of some ignorant people. If you didn't understand my comment. You definitely haven't studied. thanks for editing it. Now, please identify the racist policy or law that you are referring to. that’s a load of garbage. “A racist law doesn’t exist, but the laws are racist for existing” GTFO he will not come at you with facts, oanly rhetoric.


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